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Monday 19 July 2021

It was a very hot day. We played the Red & Blue Courses for the first time in over a year. The “Classic” was in surprisingly good condition. A few weeds on edge of bunkers but the greens were good.

Some of you will notice an adjustment in your scores. After checking the cards some mistakes had been made on the stroke indexes on the Red course. If playing Red & Blue the odd stroke indexes apply on the Red Course. The Blue Course always has even indexes.

Results were

1st. André. 37 points

2nd. Herman. 35 points

3rd. John E. 33 points

4th. Rudolph. 31 points

Nearest pin. Elaine. 9m 14cm

As usual on a Monday drinks and tapas were enjoyed at Stumble Inn.

Next week our first tee time is 10.00 on the Red & Blue Courses.


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