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Monday 19 October 2020

Another lovely sunny day with very little wind should have made scoring relatively easy but with the tees in very unfriendly positions after the competition yesterday meant that only 9 people scored 30 points or more. Although 33 points did seem a very popular number with Paul Mi, Sune and Nina all scoring that number.

The best of the day however was Hans O with 39 points, followed by Jonny Mac 34 points, Paul Mi, Sune and Nina. After the surprise draw Hans was drawn with Kristina to remain in 1st position, Sune was elevated to 2nd being joined by Bill, 3rd was Nina who was joined by Baz, 4th was Jonny Mac who was joined by Thomas B and finally 5th was Paul Mi being joined by Rosemary.

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed at the Stumble Inn.

Next week we have the same two tee start at 11.00.



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