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Monday 2 November 2020

It was a lovely day after a misty early morning. We had 31 players of which 12 managed 30+ points. Only one player played below her handicap.

1st was Nina 37 points, 2nd Elaine 36 points, 3rd Bill 34 points on back nine from Jim Co, 5th Marianne (on back nine from several others) 32 points

After the surprise draw Elaine was joined by Richard in 1st place, Bill was joined by Donal in 2nd place, Jim joined by Anita in 3rd place, Nina joined by Dot in 4th place, Marianne joined by Louise in 5th place

After distribution of prizes Marion presented Angie with plants & wished her good luck in her new premises.

Next week the first tee time is 11.00.

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