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Monday 21 December 2020

A lovely wind free sunny day saw 9 of the 23 players on the Masters 1 and 2 courses score 30 points or more.

Best of the day was Richard Ö with 42 points, then Ingrid, John Wil and Paul Mi with 33 points, Marianne, Thomas B and Louise 32 points.

Following the surprise draw Richard remained in 1st place as he was joined by Uli, 2nd was Paul Mi as he was joined by Bob. 3rd was Ingrid who was joined by Penny, 4th was Thomas B who was joined by Sune, 5th was Louise who was joined by Lennart, 6th was John Wil who was joined by Baz and finally 7th was Marianne as she was joined by Herman vdV.

Next week we have a tee time of 11.00.


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