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Monday 26 April 2021

What started off as a dull and unpromising day turned in to a very pleasant sunny day although there was a strengthening wind later!! This resulted in more than half the field of players return 30 points or more.

The best of the day was Dan with 38 points, Sune with 34 points and Sylvia with 32 points. After the surprise draw Dan was joined by Ivan to retain 1st place, Sune was joined by Anita to stay in 2nd place and Sylvia was joined by Rudolph for 3rd place.

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed at The Stumble.

Next week our first tee time is once again 11.00.

I would also like to say a fond farewell to Lennart and Kristina and Jim and Mae who are returning to there respective countries for the summer. Have a safe journey and see you in the Autumn.



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