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Monday 30 October 2023

A sunny and with a moderate wind day, saw 13 players on the White & Red courses and 11 players on the Red & Blue courses with 30 points or more.

Best of the day and in the prizes for the White & Red courses were:

Roisin, Marion and Lennart 37 points, John And and Thomas Ben 36 points, Maria Gy 35 points and Nick P 33 points.

On the Red & Blue courses were:

Maggis 41, Steve and David H 37 points, Sune, Louise and Dan 36 points and Pepe D 35 points.

Nearest the pin on the Red course was Roisin with a great shot of 0.57m and on the Blue course was Svante with 2.82m.

I would like to thank everyone for keeping up the pace, although on both courses there were groups in front who were a little slow, but we still just managed to get the last groups in before it got dark. Thank you.

Drinks and tapas were once again were taken at The Stumble Inn.

Next week our first tee time is 13.04.


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