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Monday 4 October 2021

A slightly cooler day saw all the players this week on the White & Red courses and over half of them scored 30 points or more.

Best of the day was Jim Co with 38 points, John Wil with 36 points, Robbie with 35 points, Filip, Steve and Ben with 34 points. Unfortunately Ben missed out on the prizes to Filip and Steve as they had better back nines.

However, this week after the surprise draw the results changed slightly:

Jim Co remained in 1st place as he was joined by Baz, 2nd was Steve as he was joined by Lennart, 3rd was Robbie he was joined by Richard, 4th was John Wil was joined by Ivan and 5th was Filip who was joined by Ritva.

Near the pin was won by Ingird Ö with a shot of 5m 30cm.

During the proceedings Nina presented the Eclectic Awards for the season 2019-2020, which due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, was the first opportunity Nina had to do so. (See the Eclectic Section for the results and photos).

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed at The Stumble Inn.

Next week we are on the White & Red courses and the Blue & White courses starting at 12.40


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