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Monday 8 November 2021

A sunny and less windy day saw 12 players on the Blue & White courses and 7 players on the Red & Blue courses with 30 points or more. This week because there was no common course, prizes were award to the best on each course.

Best of the day on the Blue & White courses was Helena with 41 points, Donal with 39, John Fi, Dan and Marianne with 36 points, Mari Ann P with 35 points and Gerard with 34 points.

On the Red & Blue course Joan had 40 points, Maria Gy with 37 points, Jonny Mac with 33 points, Hans with 32 points, John Wit with 31 points, Bob and Ivan with 30 points.

Nearest the pins were won by Paul Mi on the Red course with a distance of 7.15m and Gerard with 4.07m on the Blue course.

Next week we are on the White & Red courses and the Blue & White courses starting at 12.40.


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