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Saturday 4 December 2021

We played our annual Christmas Competition on Saturday 4th December 2021. We had an early start and when we arrived at the clubhouse it was very cold, but the sun soon came out and kept us warm for the rest of the day. There were 48 players in teams of 4 playing a three clubs and a putter scramble. To make the day more fun all the men played off the blue tees and the ladies played off the orange tees. After 9 holes were were greeted at the halfway bar by Anne Sh and Dotty refreshing us with beers, wine and pastries provided by Debbie. Then on to the next 9 holes. What a surprise to find that there were still a few drinks left for afters!

The winners of nearest the pin on hole 2 were:

Donal for the men with 1.53m

Ingrid for the ladies with 8.05 m

The winners of nearest the pin on hole 8 were:

Olli for the men with 2.66m

Louise for the ladies with 6.94m

The winners of the straightest drive on hole 9 were:

Lennart for the men

Yvonne R for the ladies.

We also had prizes for the best Christmas Outfits.

The prizes awarded to Louise for dressing up as a Christmas tree and Donal who was a cross between Santas Helper and the Fairy at the top of the Christmas tree.

A fantastic evening was spent in El Espigón eating a wonderful meal and listening and dancing to some live music organised by Ben and provided by John and Ian.

A great night was had by all.

Next week Paul Mi is the organiser.


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