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Saturday 9 October 2021

We were 36 people playing best two in glorious weather.

Hole number 8 seemed to be a piece of cake. There were two players with 5 points (Anita and John Witham) and eight players with 4 points. It may have something to do with that once on the green one put was given regardless of the length to the hole.

The winners were Sune, Thomas B, Dot and Cynthia with 98 points. Close 2nd were Paul, Dan, Maria G and Avril with 97 points. In third place came Donal, Barry, Nina and Geraldine on 95 points.

4th were Hans, Jim C, Joan and Kristina with 91 points.

5th and last team in the prizes were Bob, Lennart, Ingrid and Roisin. They scored 90.

Outside the prizes were:

Olli, Mike, Marianne and Sissi, 89 points Steve, John A, Anita and Rosemary, 89 points Richard, John Wi, Lilian and Yvonne R, 87 points Thomas R, Rolf, Ritva and Diana, 76 points

Next week Lennart and Kristina are the organisers.


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