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Wednesday 13 April 2022

Again the forecasted rain stayed away and we had a nice sunny afternoon with little wind. We also had a lot of our Spanish friends taking part today and they were very impressed by our happy golfing group. We had drinks, tapas and prizegiving at Bar Manolo as usual and the happy caballero golfers invited all the ladies their drinks.... lovely afternoon!!

Here are the best results:


Marilena 37p, Uli 36p and Marianne 32p

Money-back-guarantee: Loles

Birdie hole 8 blue course to Uli.


Jorge 42p, Kristian and Juan V 39p, Pepe del Valle 37p and Julian 36p

Money-back-guarantee: Jauma

The list is up in the reception for next week and you are all invited!!!

Marianne and Sune


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