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Wednesday 6 October 2021

Another lovely day in paradise with sunshine and no wind and 29 degrees.... we all enjoyed a fantastic day and below please find the best results:


Elaine 38p, Marilena 34p, Louise 33p and Christina 31p

Money-back guarantee: Maggis (thank you Peter...)


Jim C 38p, Donal 34p, Pepe and Anders 33p

Money-back-guarantee: Dan

Drinks, tapas and prizes at Bar Manolo and we would like to thank him and the staff very much for taking such good care of us. Due to very late tee times we arrived very late to Bar Manolo. He normally closes as 5 p.m. weekdays but kept open for us until 8p.m. and we all had a wonderful afternoon with drinks and great tapas.

New tee times… in order to get to Bar Manolo in ”normal” hours we will start Wednesday Golf 10.40 all Wednesdays in October.

Please put your name on the list in the reception or let us know by phone or mail if you want to take part and you are very welcome!!!

Marianne and Sune


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