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Wednesday 7 December 2022

We had a fantastic weather day. 24 degrees, sunshine and no wind.. We were all expecting the wind to come up but was also quite nice to start a bit earlier than the last months and we will have these times for some weeks ahead now. Here are the best results:


Nina 38p, Cristina C 37p, Uli 35p and Geraldine 35p

Money-back-guarantee: Marianne (thanks again Peter)


Donal and Ivan 37p, Manuel G 36p, Gerard 34p and Sune 32p

Money-back-guarantee: Herman Li

Drinks, tapas and prizegiving at Bar Manolo. It was very busy due to the double holydays yesterday and tomorrow, but we managed to find our own special dining room where we enjoyed nice drinks and tapas.

Thank you all for a great golfing day.

Marianne and Sune


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